that’s me on the far right

Rams Dub Exp.jpg

After shooting in IL for over 5 years, I got the itch to travel. Our family tried Denver for a few years before returning home to IL to the midwest we know and love. Being away from the midwest was just the thing we needed in order to come back and enjoy everything it has to offer.

During the day I work as an analyst for a hospital and on weekends struggle to keep up on adventures with my wife and two children. I should probably work out more…

I always have loved art but was too lazy to learn shading so I took up photography since the subject was already there, you just had to take a photo of it.

Besides hanging out with the fam, I really enjoy listening to music and someday hope to be able to play an instrument. I should probably practice more…

Here are my go to playlists, take a listen, you might find something!